Puntarenas Evangelistic Team
JA Pérez May 9, 2016

In this update:

  • Meet the Evangelists. The Puntarenas Festival is a collaborative project. These are the Evangelists partnering to make it happen.

Meet the Evangelists


For this project we have partnered with a group of national and international evangelists. These are the ones working with JA Pérez on bringing the message of Christ to Puntarenas.

This group of Evangelists include Alan Greene (LifeLight), Keith Cook (On The Go). They are working in the  proclamation block of the festival. Keith and Alan are seasoned evangelists, both experienced in developing mass events in the United States and other countries. They will accompany brother JA Pérez in presenting the gospel to the people of Puntarenas from the main platform. They and their wives will also be teaching at families and couples seminars before the festival and at the specific ministries tents during the festival.

Our brother, Evangelist Ray Centanni has been working with our team on the equipping of leaders in the September’s launching of the 50 Schools of Evangelism and coming back in December to preach at the workshops and conferences for leaders.

Our dear brother and mentor Dr. Jaime Mirón (Luis Palau Association) is coming back to Costa Rica with us. He will be holding a city-wide Pastors conference, and will also be ministering at the workshops.

Evangelist Georgina Verzal is also coming back to Costa Rica, and again, she will be ministering to women at the Women’s Conference, Single Mothers Workshops, and All Women’s Tent.

We also have our dear Evangelist Jock Moore (Global United Missions) ministering in outreaches. Our brother Jock will be serving in the workshops, ministering to local leaders and at the churches, working on extending a culture of evangelism and inter-church unity.

Our brother Evangelist Zach Blickens (White Ribbon Day), is coming to serve in the music outreaches and concerts during the festival.

And again our brother Mark Johnston is coming to Costa Rica to minister to the Children at the festival. He will also be training Chidren’s Ministry Leaders in a city-wide conference where we are launching a detailed follow-up system, the same way we do with the adults.

Again, this year, we’ll have Ricky Halley and Jeffry Espinoza (residing in Costa Rica) participating at the festival.