Puntarenas Festival Report
Association Team December 24, 2016

In the month of December 2016 a number of organizations got together to celebrate the conclusion of several months of work in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

The project included humanitarian work, several communities outreaches, the training of nationals in the School of Creative Evangelism™ and a Festival with arts, drama, cultural presentations, the proclamation of the Good News by world-renowned Evangelists Keith Cook, Alan Greene, Ray Centanni, Jock Moore,  Vicki Greene, Joan Tant Cook, Georgina Verzal, Dr. Jaime Mirón, and concerts by White Ribbon Day, Ricky Halley, Selah and several national artists coming from other provinces.

On Thursday, before the festival, the Association graduated several national leaders that passed the School of Creative Evangelism™ and are now working in the 12 week follow up / discipleship program with all the new believers that came to Christ during the project.

Some of the organizations that partnered with the Pastors Fraternity of Puntarenas to make this project possible were On The Go Ministries, LifeLight Global, the Luis Palau Association’s Next Generation AllianceRock of Ages Festival, Coalition Ministries, the CBN (700 Club), Skate Mission and the JA Pérez Association among others.

To God be the glory for everything accomplished in Puntarenas in 2016.

See project photos below.