I’m blessed to part of the Luis Palau NGA
JA Pérez May 10, 2015
(Above Right to Left) Dr. Luis Palau, JA Pérez and Anabel Pérez.


I’m blessed to be part of the Next Generation Alliance

by JA Pérez

Dr. Luis Palau, Dr. Jaime Mirón y JA Pérez filming a TV spot for Costa Rica
Dr. Luis Palau, Dr. Jaime Mirón y JA Pérez filming a TV spot for Costa Rica

Sitting under the leadership of Dr. Luis Palau has been a great blessing to my life personally and also to our ministry. I’m humbled by the opportunity to be associated with his organization, for it is an example of integrity with clear values concerning evangelism and church ministry. As a member of the Luis Palau Next Generation Alliance I have also been blessed to receive training and unique counsel from other associate evangelists. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in round tables, and be a part of the ministering team in some of the conferences for evangelists as well as serve at his festivals.

A collaboration panel at Luis Palau Headquarters
A collaboration panel with Jeff Pieper, Alpha Hayward, Reid Saunders and JA Pérez at the Luis Palau Headquarters

Another great teacher whom I love and respect is Dr. Jaime Mirón, vice-president of the Luis Palau Association and General Editor of the NTV (Nueva Traducción Viviente) Spanish translation of the Bible, published by Tyndale.

Dr. Jaime and his wife Gail have been good friends and I have had the opportunity of traveling with them serving in Latin America.