September 20, 2017
Baja Beach Festival premium
República de Gozo Baja Beach Festival 2017 Press Release September 18th, 2017- For immediate release. In the month of September of 2017, the República de Gozo Baja Beach Festival took place in the city of Playas de Rosarito (also known as Rosarito Beach) in Baja California, Mexico. The project was a collaborative initiative between the […]
December 24, 2016
Puntarenas Festival Report premium
In the month of December 2016 a number of organizations got together to celebrate the conclusion of several months of work in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The project included humanitarian work, several communities outreaches, the training of nationals in the School of Creative Evangelism™ and a Festival with arts, drama, cultural presentations, the proclamation of the […]
November 11, 2016
Puntarenas Mobilization Report November 2016 premium
Puntarenas November 11, 2016 — The festival ground team has been working hard for months in several cities on the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. Now, less than one month from the festival, all during the month on November, team members are visiting every church, meeting with youth leaders, and preparing two mayor evangelic door-to-door […]
October 24, 2016
Celebrating Victories and Accomplishments premium
I’m really careful when it comes to announcing / celebrating victories and accomplishments. My grandfather (on my mother’s side) was raised by monks in a monastery in the Canary Islands, Spain. He is the person that has influenced my thinking the most out of all the great mentors and teachers I have had in my […]
October 23, 2016
50 Schools of Evangelism launched premium
In this update: The 50 Schools of Evangelism launched. A blessing to have Evangelist Ray Centanni training leaders at the launching of the 50 Schools in Puntarenas. Last round of preparations – 50 Schools of Evangelism launched 3rd Trip Report by JA Pérez My wife and I got back form Costa Rica a few days […]
Puntarenas Evangelistic Team premium
In this update: Meet the Evangelists. The Puntarenas Festival is a collaborative project. These are the Evangelists partnering to make it happen. Meet the Evangelists For this project we have partnered with a group of national and international evangelists. These are the ones working with JA Pérez on bringing the message of Christ to Puntarenas. […]
December 30, 2015
2015 Highlights premium
A recap of some of the things God did in our lives and in the ministry during the year 2015. I thank all our friends, partners and collaborators for making it possible. With God’s help and your partnership, we can do it again in 2016. YEAR END CHALLENGE Your tax-deductible donation before December 31st will […]
May 10, 2015
I’m blessed to part of the Luis Palau NGA premium
  I’m blessed to be part of the Next Generation Alliance by JA Pérez Sitting under the leadership of Dr. Luis Palau has been a great blessing to my life personally and also to our ministry. I’m humbled by the opportunity to be associated with his organization, for it is an example of integrity with […]
May 9, 2015
Free Book for NGA Members premium
Evangelism is not the work of one man! Written in a factual, impactful style, with a minimalist approach, the author exhibits core principles of partnership to help us accomplish the biblical mandate to reach the world for Christ. These principles will show you how to build strategic alliances among evangelists, how to join efforts with […]